BIS Code specifications for Manufactured Sand (M Sand)

Bureau of Indian Standards ( BIS ) Guidelines IS: 383-1970 for selection and testing of Coarse and Fine aggregates available.
Generally, Sand is classified as Zone I, Zone II, Zone III and Zone IV (i.e. Coarser to Finer). There is
sieve designation for each zone. Gradation is made in accord with the usage of the sand. There are
testing sieves, consists of 4.75mm, 2.36mm, 1.183mm, 600microns, 300 microns, 150 microns and a

Typical Sieve analysis: Comparison of River & Manufactured Sand
IS Sieve % of passing(River
% of passing (Manufactured
Sand )
Zone II (As per
4.75 MM 100 100 90-100
2.36 MM 99.7 90.7 75-100
1.18 MM 89 66.2 55-90
600 micron 60.9 39.8 35-59
300 micron 17.7 25.5 8-30
150 micron 3.1 9.9 0-20
75 micron Max 3 Max 15 Max 15
  Zone II Zone II  

Zone IIZone IINote: The gradation of manufactured sand can be controlled at crushing

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3/21/2019 12:39 PM
Sir is there any condition for manufacturing m-sand with particular type of machine like vsi,hsi,double roll crusher,please  clarify,thank you.
5/1/2019 3:00 AM
I have done gradation of manufactured sand. It give different results.