Guidelines for Tiles Laying

As consumers we would have bought the best of the Vitrified Tiles available in the market. However it is finally the workmanship of laying the Tiles that gives us the feel and its aesthetics. we often here of displacements, non alignment and other issues. The workman can make or break the show !!

Thankfully there are guidelines to Lay tiles and well defined by ISO

For Flooring


  • The  screed  bed  for  laying  Vitrified  Porcelain  Tiles  shall  be  of  cement  and  sand mortar as indicated.
  • Bedding over which the tiles shall be laid shall not be less than 10mm at any place



  • Base concrete or RCC slab shall be cleaned and wetted.
  • The bedding shall then be laid  evenly  over  the  surface,  tamped  and  corrected to  desired  levels  and  allowed  to harden  enough  to  offer  a rigid  cushion  to  tiles. 
  • Before  laying  the  tiles,  tiles  shall  be washed  and  then  applied  fine  cement  slurry  on  the  back  of  the  tile  to  ensure  full  and proper  bedding. 
  • Tiles  shall  then  be  placed  on  bedding, each  tile  being  gently  tapped with  rubber  hammer  in  its  position  till  it  is  properly  bedded and  in  level  and  line  with adjoining tiles.
  • Use of spacers is recommended for uniformity in joints and better finish.
  • Remove the residual cement or jointing material immediately by a wet sponge.
  • After 24 hours when the tiles are properly set and cured, fill the joint gaps with joint filler as per recommendation  of  manufacturer. 
  • The  joint  gap  shall be  filled  by  spreading  joint  filler paste  in  the  spaces  between  the  tiles  with  the  help of  rubber  trowel. 
  • Clean  the  tiles surface immediately with the help of wet sponge.
  • Vitrified  Porcelain  Tiles  can  be  laid  in  flooring  over  Base  concrete  or  RCC  slab directly  by  using  suitable  chemical  adhesive  as  per  manufacturer’s  instructions  if  so indicated.

 Source: ISO 13006

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