Meghalite Lightweight AAC Blocks

₹ 80.00
Meghalite AAC Block has emerged as the most preferred substitute and is fast replacing conventional Red Clay Bricks, CC Blocks, Fly Ash Bricks, CLC Bricks and so on, which were used in building walls in residential, commercial and institutional construction until now in Benglauru and Karnataka in general.
Manufacturer: Meghalite
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A modern solution for better construction, Meghalite AAC Blocks comprise 60 – 65% Fly Ash (by weight), with other elements being OPC Cement, Quicklime, Aluminum powder and Gypsum. With such strong composition, no wonder Meghalite AAC Blocks are highly robust and durable despite their light weight. Also, this AAC Block’s solidity owes its origins to the calcium silicate and from the process of curing in a pressurized steam chamber called an Autoclave.


600x200x200mm (8″ width)

600x200x150mm (6″ Width)

600x200x100m (4″ Width)

600x200x230mm (9″)

Custom sizes availbale against order



PerticularsUnitsValuesRequirement as per IS-2185 part-3
Compressive StrengthN/mm2>4.0> 4.0 (Density range 551-650 Grade-1)
Oven Dry Densitykg/m3560-640551-650
Fire RatingHrs.8.00(For 200ml wall)6 hrs in Desirable
Thermal Conductivity(k value)W/mL0.16-0.210.24 Max
Sound Reductions 45db for 200mm blocks without plasteringNA
Modulous of ElasticityMpa2040NA
Thermal Resistance(R Value)M2k/W0.95(200mm width)@021 W/mkMax Value is Desirable
Thermal Conductance(U Value)W/M2k1.05(200mm width)@021 W/mkMin Value is Desirable
Drying Shrinkage%0.040.05 for Gr-1Max
Sound Transmission Classdb44NA